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Mens Dating Advice Guide

This article is not for you if you’re currently dating someone, married or have had what others would call a successful date in the past few months (if you were successful you would be hooked up by now and not reading this). This article is for you if you’re having trouble finding women to date, too shy to ask for a date or feel that your dates want to either jam a pencil in their eye or run away screaming.

If you already have a date,
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Does Dating Seem Daunting?
Of course it’s daunting; if it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun. Ever hear the phrase “fight or flight?” It means that you have two options when you encounter something that elicits fear – stand up to the problem and face it like the man you are or run away with your tail between your legs. Sure, you might get beaten up a few times but its all a part of life. After while, you’ll start thinking of yourself as the alpha male complete with scars and kung-fu grip.

Defining a “Great Woman”
A great women is someone that has some interest in sharing what interests you – and vice versa. Since ‘great’ will mean something different to everybody, before you start dating a great woman, you have to be a great – confident, self assured and more importantly, self fulfilled – man.

Finding Great Women to Date
If you like books, go to a bookstore. If you like stamp collecting, go to a stamp collectors convention. If you want to be a ninja, go take a class on ninja-type kung-fu stuff. If you have a lot of friends, throw a party. Make yourself available and you WILL find great women doing the things you like to do.

Making Contact
Making contact does not imply tackling your potential mate. It means getting her to notice you. How do you do that? If you know what’s good for you, very carefully. Here are a few steps to follow since you have actually found a great woman to date:

Make Across the Room Eye Contact
Do your best not to seem creepy – this means using a moderate smile with your mouth closed. If you have not met or don’t know the great woman you are after, it’s best not to stare. This means once eye contact is made, don’t keep your gaze on her. A good rule is no more than 1.5 to 2 seconds. After that, look down and turn away.

The Approach
If eye contact has been made, get in her line of sight and walk right up. If eye contact has not been made, be stealthy and walk up and stand in the general vicinity. Don’t interrupt if she’s in a conversation, just wait for an opening and keep eyes and ears on her. Patience is key, manners are crucial. Remember, mouth shut, moderate smile. You might even pick up on something to enter into the conversation.

Mens Dating Advice Guide
No doubt the most crucial part of the effort. While funny is great, honest, calm and cool is much better. Instead of some dorky “Did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven” line, how about something along the lines of (in order of the conversation):

Hi, my name is “INSERT YOUR NAME HERE.”
Are you having a good time?
Who do you know here?
While these are not ice breakers, they get your proverbial foot in (or if she’s an awful person, out) the door. If the conversation is not flowing don’t be afraid to let it go. Just remember, it’s a numbers game. As a last resort try one of these:

My friend wants to know if you think I’m cute.
I was once up for the show – Joe-Hundredaire.
Do you like Chinese Throwing Stars?

Making Your Move:
It’s sort of like tearing a band-aid off; one quick smooth motion. Would you like to go out with me sometime? That’s it. Don’t suggest something to do, don’t suggest a day. Put the ball in her court with no restrictions. If she says yes, you rule. Smile like you have never smiled before and say great. If she says no, don’t push it, and please don’t beg, just say the following, “OK, doesn’t hurt to try, right?” Keep smiling, you may just make eye contact with someone else as your heart is being ripped out which will lessen the pain.

Just the Facts Ma’am
Get the number, get the email, just get a way to contact her before you leave or she leaves. You’ll be glad you did. Now, all you have to do is read the next article in this series – “A Great Date”