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Dating Success Online

I just want to thank you for what you have done! A few months back I met the man of my dreams on your web site.

I never thought I would meet him online. We started to email each other back and forth, when I got an email from him saying he was interested. Never did I thik though that it would then turn out for us to be on the phone for hours evey night never wanting to hang up!

Well shortly after we talked, we decided to meet each other. I started to drive out twords his house – never with a worry in my mind – until I was sitting there waiting for him. As soon as he pulled up, though, I knew it was love at first sight and we would never part.

Well I was right! We spend every moment possible together and I would not change it for the world. We hope to move in together soon, and well soon after that, get married! He is my night in shining armor that I always dreamed about, but now I don’t have to, I have him all my own.

I hope he realizes how much he really means to me, that he is my one and only and I won’t ever let it be otherwise.